Gemscool Point Blank

Gemscool Point Blank almost everyone who is interested in trying to play a game on this one. With diversity have a mission that must be completed to make users more and more curious to try to continue to try back of every challenge in the game Point Blank.

Point Blank itself is a game that is included in the FPS category. Originally developed in South Korea and published by NCsoft. Nevertheless, not only in one country alone, the game is played online also has a server in the Asian continent even kebenua America.

The advantages of a diversified game First Person Shooter, better known by the name of brevity this FPS is able to play multiplayer online that would make even more exciting and attractive to try to play the game on this one.

Point Blank story Free Rebels with a dispute between the government named Counter Terrorist Force (CT-Force). So later on when you play these games will fight with a weapon equipped to fight the enemies.

Point Blank
When interested in participating in or attracted to play online games gemscool point blank, sign address but to directly log gemscool can pb directly at http: //pb.gemscool. com.                                                  

Gemscool Atlantica

Atlantica tell search Atlantean land that has been destroyed by the arrogance and greed of the inhabitants of Atlantis with their success in creating a substance that is Oriharukon. Atlantis then disappeared in a flash because they lose control of supernatural powers that have been created from Oriharukon.

As a descendant of Atlantis, then began the journey to find their ancestral lands, which disappeared from the face of the earth in antiquity. Save the human race from the devastating effects Oriharukon, the source of destructive power belongs to Atlantis.

if we look at this game, we definitely remembered games-games before the advent of the Read Alert and Warcraft. Games run alternately between our party and the opposition. How to play Atlantica compactness should require players to attack enemies.

Gemscool Lost Saga

Lost Saga is a game free-to-play MMORPG and fight. Developed by "IO Entertainment" in South Korea. Deployed in several countries such as the company "OGPlanet" in the United States, "Asiasoft" in Thailand and "Junior Member" in Indonesia.

Characters in Korean Lost Saga Titled "Soldiers Leased" or "Hero" in South Korea, United States, Thailand, and Indonesia. Leased soldiers are divided into five different categories: Melee, Ranged, Magic, Special, and Premium.

In addition, the "Epic Gear" are mercenary equipment with an alternative design. They enhance the game by allowing players to equip different gear for the mercenaries they've hired. However, epic weapons can only be equipped to their corresponding mercenary.


Gemscool Dragon Nest

Gemscool Dragon Nest In this game, there are 5 and each character has their own abilities. Class can be changed at level 15 and 45.WARRIOR ARCHER SORCERESS CLERIC TINKERER or ACADEMIC. 

Engineer is a class that promotes physical attacks than magic, and high attack power, can destroy your opponent quickly. Alchemist is a class that promotes magic attack power, can make buff to teammates / party, and have a high magic attack power.

WARRIOR As the name implies, these characters use melee weapons or melee type, ARCHER uses the arrow as his main weapon, and is the most agile job in this game, SORCERESS uses the magic wand as his main weapon, low-power physical attack, but high magic attack power. Dragon Nest

CLERIC using a wand, or a mace as his main weapon, and using a shield to protect himself. TINKERER or ACADEMIC use a launcher and bubble cannon weapon as his main weapon. There are 2 types of classes to choose from at level 15, the Engineer and Alchemist.